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Fitness coaching to empower you to create strong habits so you can get fit, feel great, and live well.

Training, nutrition, accountability – a resource for your fitness needs.

Strong by Lee helps you make practical and focused changes so you can live well.


Do you want things to be different?

Reduce injuries so you can live life with full independence and be free of pain to do what you want?

See the results you deserve from the effort and sweat you put into your program?

Improve your conditioning and get stronger so you can have better energy levels?

Be  treated as someone with their own goals, challenges, and needs?

Improve confidence to take off your clothes at the beach or in front of the mirror?

Feel motivated and empowered to work out because you know it’s the right thing to do?

Feel fearless of judgment at the gym or outside because you know what you’re doing?

Stick to a routine for good rather than bouncing all over the place?

Yes! You do. You’ve come to the right place.
Since 2011, David has helped over 300 people overcome their fitness challenges.

David has helped people get more fit and healthier with his 3P fitness and nutrition programming – proven, personalized, practical. 

He tries to make training entertaining and fun using his personality, showing care and consideration for his clients, and  empowering them to be their best selves.


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The Strong by Lee Fitness Formula:


To help you build muscle, ditch fat, and feel awesome, we’ll create personalized lifting and cardio programs.


Nutrition plays a pivotal and supporting role in your success, which is why we’ll personalize nutrition programming for YOU.


To make sure your hard work doesn’t get wasted because of poor recovery and stress management, we’ll look at your life outside of the gym.

Members’ lives have improved by working with Strong by Lee:

Veronica RomanClient since 2019

I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to take away from training with David. I look, feel and think so much better. Consistency isn’t an issue. I feel back on track and my physical transformation is exactly what I wanted to improve.

Dan GallegosClient from 2015

I would to thank you for everything; your training expertise, knowledge and guidance have allowed me to literally go thru a quantum leap in terms of my overall fitness. For example, I literally plateaued for about 6 years and once I began training with you I immediately broke that plateau and my strength has increased exponentially…

Kamila CzochClient in 2015

I am seeing significant muscle development in my shoulders, arms, back and quads. I see my waistline getting trimmer (I was on the verge of growing a spare tire around my waist a few months ago). I feel more knowledgeable about what I should be doing at the gym on my own to reach my goals… Most importantly, you promise certain results with your program and you definitely deliver on that promise.

Ashley FoleyClient since 2016

David not only trains you but he educates you and THAT’S what puts him above any other trainer. David educates you on the proper form and what specific muscles you should be activating while giving tactile cues to the muscle. Additionally David educates you on how your diet and what you put in your body effects the performance you give in the workout.

Norman ScottClient from 2015 to 2017

As a result of investing my time with David, I’ve lost 100 pounds and discovered physical strength I never knew I had and developed a healthy relationship with food. Thanks to David’s guidance, I’ve finally learned how to effectively plan my daily macronutrient intake, how to properly time my macronutrient consumption, and how to feed my body so that it feels amazing during workouts and in everyday life!

Milena HoffmanClient in 2016

As a result of investing in David's services I feel more confident at the gym, love how the training has transformed my body [gained 15 pounds of muscle] and I learned to not be so hard on myself. I've learned to take ownership for my actions and how to get back on track when I slip. I have also met other clients who are as invested in their fitness as much as myself. It is motivational working out with them in his Built for Battle sessions.

Thanks for making it this far. Need help? Three simple steps.
Step 1: Discovery

We need to know a little bit more about who you are, what you want to achieve, and how best to get you there.

Step 2: Strategy

Next, we need to know how you 'function' and move. We'll then decide which coaching option will best work for you.

Step 3: Success

Get your plans and coaching. Continue to see success by refining the program through regular follow-ups and adjustments.

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