David currently works with clients out of two locations in White Plains for your convenience
1133 Westchester Avenue
  • Men and women’s restrooms with showers
  • Complimentary towel service
  • Water fountain
  • Free parking
  • Cafe next door (time dependent)
  • No additional fees
300 Hamilton Avenue, lower level
  • Restrooms with showers
  • Complimentary sweat towel service (bring your own bath towel)
  • Water fountain
  • Free parking
  • Downtown White Plains
  • No additional fees

You can get help two ways:

Complete the form and I’ll contact you
Book yourself into my calendar.
  • → Click the ‘Book Now’ button
  •  Pick your best day and time
  • → Provide your contact information
  •  Complete the questionnaire
  • → Get on the call and win

Don’t see the scheduler? It might be the internet connection, the connection on the site with the server, or something else. To make sure we don’t skip a beat, please message me at either 914-281-1139 or david@strongbylee.com