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I’m David Lee and I help people in White Plains, NY and neighboring areas build healthy habits so they can get more fit, feel great, and live well.

If you need some support, I’d love to connect with you to see how I can help.

Speak 1-on-1 with David

I have helped hundreds of people just like you. While I coach my clients through fitness, my real job is to improve the quality of life for them.

Not a sales pitch

This ‘connection’ is no strings attached. This isn’t going to be a sales pitch nor are you going to get sold into something you don’t want.

Help first

The sole purpose of this call is to help you find strategies and a plan to help you find success in your fitness routine.

How can you benefit by connecting with Strong by Lee?

Many who embark on a fitness journey don’t see the results they want. It’s not for a lack of trying. People don’t start a fitness routine with the initial intention of wanting to waste their time. It might not even be because of a lack of education since it doesn’t require much to get healthier and more fit. Most of the times, it’s because of two things:

  • Lack of follow-through

Commitment. You could call this discipline, but I prefer to call it ‘accountability’. Accountability can be a scary word to some people. After all, who wants to answer to someone, especially when it comes to health and fitness?

  • Lack of clarity

Do you really know what you’re doing? Did you really know what you were doing in the past, when you didn’t see the results you wanted? If you’re like most people, the answer is no.

Turns out, many who are struggling with their fitness goals could use a bit of accountability and clarity, which can take on different forms. Here are some ways both can help you:

Personalized planning

You shouldn’t do what everyone else is doing for the best results

Troubleshooting challenges

We help identify areas where you can use improvements

Learn best practices

There are good ways to do things, and there are great ways to do things

Vision of success

Get a better understand of what success looks like to you

Long-term goal setting

We’ll create a 12-16 week roadmap designed to help you achieve great things

Mindset and motivation

Changing your body is just as much physical as it is mental

If you don’t like calls, we can do this via email or message. During our conversation we’ll spend time going over your current situation, identifying potential roadblocks, and coming up with some strategies to help you succeed. 

No strings attached. At the end, you’ll be offered to work with David (me) of Strong by Lee. If you decline, no hard feelings. We understand how difficult it is to say ‘no’ to someone when they’re trying to help you, so we want to make it as least uncomfortable as possible to get off the hook.

If you do, great. We’ll move on to the next steps.

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