Length of diets, ‘fad’ diets, and transitioning

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For the monthly 30-minute Forme’s Fit and Fab segment, Maria, Gina, and I discuss a couple of topics in regards to nutrition. We touch on how long someone should diet for, what ‘fad’ diets are, whether they’re good or bad, and how to cycle and transition diets so you don’t ‘crash’ and continue to ‘yo-yo’.

I have included the embedded video into this post, but in the event you can’t view it, check out the Facebook video here.

The information-part of the video starts at 5:40. Before this timestamp, we’re catching up and giving people an update on how Maria and Gina’s training is going.

I hope you enjoy. Please give it a watch/listen and let me know what you think.

Until next time, get fit and fab.

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