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David Lee

A father of two – a boy and a girl – who are 12 months, 20 days apart. Husband to Ji Hee, who he has been married to since 2011. His two dogs’ names are Benjamin and Lincoln.

David is an ISSA certified Elite Trainer and Registered Dietitian operating out of Westchester County and New York City. He holds a B.S. in Nutrition from New York University and completed his dietetic internship at NYP-Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY.

David was born with sub-par athletic genetics and was generally bullied throughout elementary and middle school because he was a minority and small-ish. He didn’t think to play any sports in high school because he was so ashamed of his small stature and non-existent strength levels, which crushed his self-confidence to try anything physical. Come senior year, though, he didn’t want to let his high school days pass by without giving sports a shot. He also wanted friends, and thought sports were the gateway to popularity. Hey, all the cool kids in the movies were athletes, right? That didn’t work out so well. He played one game of football, got injured. Swam two meets, got laughed out of the pool. Adios, confidence.

The year he graduated high school in 2004, David decided to serve six years of active duty in the United States Air Force, where his lack of self-confidence didn’t have any bearing on his technical specialty as a counter-intelligence and Morse code operator. Sounds like fun, eh? Sitting in front of a computer for hours per day listening to ‘dits’ and ‘dats’?

Ironically, he discovered his passion for fitness and training by becoming a Physical Training Leader (PTL), an equivalent to a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Redemption and salvation? Perhaps. It was as a PTL that he saw how immensely gratifying it was to help people connect to a better life through fitness. He’ll save you the rest of the story until you meet him.

Because of his personal journey, David has a love/hate relationship with fitness. He hates how his lack of fitness prevented him from experiencing more robust high school years. Yet he loves how fitness eventually allowed him to connect with amazing people he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet.

Most importantly, fitness gave him the opportunity to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and ENCOURAGE others by helping them look better, feel energized, and get more out of life.

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